I am a Linguistics PhD student at the University of Chicago. My primary focus is theoretical morphosyntax and morphosemantics. I am especially interested in (Mainland) Southeast Asian languages, as well as (Northern) Ndebele, an understudied Bantu language related to Zulu, which is spoken in Zimbabwe.


Currently I am working on Semantic (and Formal) Locative Inversion in Ndebele and its interaction with the applicative suffix. I am also working with Gallagher Flinn on a project modeling when non-native consonant phonemes are borrowed into a native inventory instead of being repaired.
Other recent work has included looking at the morphosemantics of the emergence of new classifiers from class term compounds in Vietnamese. I have previously worked on locality domains of (idiosyncratic) meaning and category assignment in Modern Hebrew blends.



2011. “Idiomatic Root Merge in Modern Hebrew blends“. Proceedings of the Arizona Linguistics Circle 4, Coyote Papers: Working Papers in Linguistics 18.1: Linguistics Circle, Tucson.



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